My experiences are not universal. They are MINE they belong to ME.

I'm not a woman, as far as I can tell. I've put a lot of thought into that.

When women want to wear sexy clothes,

they go to the women's section of the store,

they go to the sexy section of the women's section of the store,

and assuming that they can find clothes that fit them and are in their price range, they purchase sexy clothes.

but what if I had the same goal...

I go to the men's section of the store,

the section that I've been assigned

and then I get lost

I end up in the tuxedo section somehow

but that's not the section I want to be in

There is no sexy section in the men's section

so then I get caught in the fucking abyss

asking myself questions like

am I a woman

am I nonbinary

what does a sexy man look like

do I find men sexy

what's a catboy

these are all really good questions to ask and answer

but they are all very difficult

and they are all completely besides the point

so I will solve them later

the point being:

I want to wear sexy clothes.

and you know what

I can purchase sexy clothes from the store.

They're in the women's section

It's pretty clearly marked on the map...

These questions are a lot easier to answer:

does this make me a crossdresser? by most definitions, yes, unless I'm a woman

is this why other crossdressers dress cross? probably, although I imagine there are other good reasons to do so

hey, what's it like to wear a dress? salright, comfortable.

I'll answer the hard questions later on my own time, preferably while wearing a tube top and booty shorts