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#1 2011-01-22 02:40:29

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It doesn't get dark at night anymore

Has anyone noticed this? I've been staying up later and later these days. My doctor says I have insomnia and none of the treatments are helping. I like to go on walks in my neighborhood, to relax and breathe, so I've been doing them at around 2 in the morning when I'm the most stressed out. Usually I look for the local wildlife (foxes n shit) but lately I've been looking up. Didn't the sky used to be darker? I swear the night sky was pitch fucking black when I was younger, and now its sort of a dark blue? when i try googling it I get shit about "light pollution"??? I don't live in a fuckin suburb... even when i turn off all the lights, even when the moon's all black, I can see clearly for miles. It's not just me, right? Look out your window. it's not just me right?????

trans rights!!! also peep my fuckin sow clow [link removed]


#2 2011-01-22 06:32:41

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It doesn't get dark at night anymore

Jack wrote:

blah blah shit that could get me killed blah blah

Don't post shit like this on the open web, there's inquisitors everywhere. Delete this post and IM me, I can get you up to speed.


#3 2011-01-22 09:20:39

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It doesn't get dark at night anymore


listen here you mother fuckers there's only one rule in "general discussions". NO RP. this is your last warning before I hunt you down


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