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🚂 MemeMan said 1 hour ago:

rant (4/4) all those hungry people and it's probably the same with other stuff like water and internet access I mean why are we just accepting the myth that people must suffer

🚂 MemeMan said 2 hour ago:

rant (3/4) doesn't have to be as hard as people make it out to be, there's like 300 pounds of food wasted every year so food doesn't be a concern, you just can feed al

🚂 MemeMan said 2 hour ago:

rant (2/3) losophers that probably wrote a bunch of words on this but i dont feel like reading i feel like venting so that's what Im doing and honestly like life doe

🚂 MemeMan said 3 hour ago:

rant (1/?) sometimes it's really exhausting to just be, yanno. I mean, why do people have to struggle to live? there's probably like a million bald greek philoso

🚂 MemeMan said 4 hour ago:

Why are computers too hard. Why computers gotta be like this. how come the fans are running so fast

🚂 MemeMan said 5 hour ago:

@didntSeeFrozen didn't work, thanks for nothing

🚂 MemeMan said 6 hour ago:

"FailureToContainDaemon: File Registry Element Location Object Permanently Corrupted" any linuxers on here know how to fix this

🚂 MemeMan said 7 hour ago:

@MemeMan ugh too hard nvm

🚂 MemeMan said 7 hour ago:

I wonder if i could play gta on linux. i mean some nerd has got to have gotten it to work

🚂 MemeMan said 8 hour ago:

"in recent times more games have been made available on linux, and linux is a much stronger gameming platform than it was 3 years ago" yeah right francine, lemme just play tf2 and nothing else because ports take effort from developers did you know that

🚂 MemeMan said 9 hour ago:

@frygal76 yeah i know but how do /i/ get ON steam. please dm me im lost.

🚂 MemeMan said 10 hour ago:

Wait, what do you even do on linux. do they have video games on the linux?

⚕️ nutritionbot said 11 hour ago:

If you haven't eaten recently, eat. recent studeies show that eating is good for your health.

🚂 MemeMan said 12 hour ago:

Hey check out this cool trick you can only do on linux mint. you type into a command prompt "cd .. [ENTER] cd .. [ENTER] tree [ENTER]. heh, you must be feeling super jealous right now

🚂 MemeMan said 12 hour ago:

Wow linux is really not that bad actually, it looks just like a real computer.

🚂 MemeMan said 14 hour ago:

I'm gonna be off the internet for a day or two, deleting windows and installing a linux that's named after my favorite type of hat.

🚂 MemeMan said 15 hour ago:

@MsFriendship Alright I've got a iso on a USB flash drive stick, but how do i get to the uefi...

🚂 MemeMan said 16 hour ago:

Anyone know how to download a linux?

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💎 Priceness said 1 hour ago:

ate a salad. in some sense I know why, but in the other sense I have no idea why

🙅 FruthInTiction said 2 hour ago:

in the case of multiple post messages

🙅 FruthInTiction said 2 hour ago:

newest first posting is to read

🙅 FruthInTiction said 2 hour ago:

Do you ever think about how awful

🙅 FruthInTiction said 3 hour ago:

@MsFriendship HOOWWW teach me your secrets, woman

🙅 FruthInTiction said 3 hour ago:

some people actually go jogging outside on people's streets where people could be watching

🙅 FruthInTiction said 3 hour ago:

it's been one year today. When they told me it wouldn't hurt as much when time went on, I didn't believe them, but here I am, still kicking.

🎯 onTheInternet said 4 hour ago:

@fakeUsername never gonna give you up haha troled epic stile

😒 fakeUsername said 4 hour ago:

@donutReed like wind through a feather

📣 donutReed said 4 hour ago:

@PeopleTypically our souls, intertwined

💷 PeopleTypically said 4 hour ago:

@DidYouKnowThat we're all pulsating together

🚣 DidYouKnowThat said 4 hour ago:

Hey friends and lovers lets do a internet thing where we all sing along to the same song, I'll start: The signals of the people around you

🙅 FruthInTiction said 16 hour ago:

had to delete last post, too dirty for my main acc, gn

👾 BanSmiles said 18 hour ago:

well, SOOME people just HAVE to knock on my door and ask if I wanted some waffles. I would've gotten waffles if i wanted some, now i gotta rerecord this whole take.

🙅 FruthInTiction said 20 hour ago:

bought a candy. I don't even like three musketeers why do i do this to mself

🙅 FruthInTiction said 20 hour ago:

the thing i buy usually is on sale, so now i have 3 dollars left. I've never had to deal with this much responsibility /s

🙅 FruthInTiction said 20 hour ago:

yall remember "shirtgate"? i think i should probably rethink my thoughts on that big thing. i was a lot more influencable at the time I was pretty much a baby back then anyway now i realize that maybe if you're the latest american hero or whatever you should act like one for an interview

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🤠 Relatable said 7 minute ago:

Hey anyone noticed the advertisements on Zenith lately?

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💭 D33pSt8 said 17 minute ago:

yep that's official im quitting, they're planning on putting ads in the zenith timeline now this platform is cancelled

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